SB 141-FN, relative to administration of the education freedom accounts program.

This bill provides for applications to the education freedom account program for a child currently attending a New Hampshire public school, including a chartered public school, for a minimum of one year, or who is entering kindergarten or first grade.  This bill requires annual determination of eligibility for awarding of education freedom account funds.  The bill also requires an annual report on the number of students participating in the program in each school district.

Sponsors; Altshiller, Debra(D); Watters, David(D); Fenton, Donovan(D); Rosenwald, Cindy(D); Perkins Kwoka, Rebecca(D); Soucy, Donna(D); Whitley, Rebecca(D); Chandley, Shannon(D); D’Allesandro, Lou(D); Prentiss, Suzanne(D); Malloy, Dennis(D); Maggiore, Jim(D); Grote, Jaci(D); Balboni, Peggy(D); Knab, Allison(D)

Status:  Bill determined ITL by Senate 3/09/2023 voted along party lines 14-10

. . .

HB 37, relative to establishing a committee to study best practices for companion animal groomers.

Sponsors: Maggiore, Jim(D); Burroughs, Anita(D); Balboni, Peggy(D)

Status: Retained in House Environment and Agriculture Committee 2/28/2023

. . .

HB 151, relative to establishing a committee to study the issue of unmarried cohabitants, domestic partnerships, and common law marriage.

Sponsors: Maggiore, Jim(D); Murray, Kate(D); Balboni, Peggy(D); Rosenwald, Cindy(D); Watters, David(D)

Status: Voted OTP in House and Senate. Signed into law 5/4/2023

. . .

HB 205: relative to testing private wells.

This bill requires that installers of new well pumps test the water for certain contaminants.

This bill also requires that property buyers be notified of the presence of certain contaminants in well water before the execution of a contract for purpose.

Sponsors: Meuse, David(D); Grote, Jaci(D); Edgar, Michael(D); Malloy, Dennis(D); Thomas, Wendy(D); Murphy, Nancy(D); Balboni, Peggy(D); Altschiller, Debra(D)

Status: Came out of House Resources, Recreation and Development Committee without a recommendation (tie vote along party lines) 3/8/2023. Tabled by the House 3/23/2023

. . .

HB 312: relative to petitions for warrant articles at a special meeting.

This bill requires at least 10 percent of a town’s registered voters to petition for warrant articles at special meeting.

 Sponsors: Malloy, Dennis(D); Balboni, Peggy(D); Grote, Jaci(D); Maggiore, Jim(D)

Status: House Municiple and County Government Committee voted 11-9 to ITL. Tabled by the House 2/23/2023

. . .

HB 361: relative to Pease development authority board of directors.

This bill changes the membership of the Pease development authority board of directors to give representation to the town of Rye and the town of New Castle.

Sponsors: Grote, Jaci(D); Malloy, Dennis(D); Murray, Kate(D); Balboni, Peggy(D); Altschiller, Debra(D); 

Status:  Retained in House Public Works and Highways Committee 3/15/2023

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